Backyard Buffalo

It all started with buffalo milk. A need for a daily dose of a half cup of buffalo milk, to be exact.

Punita Patel grew up in an area of India where tea is considered a daily necessity. She left India at 17, and it wasn’t until her longest visit years later that she came to fully appreciate a daily cup (or two) of tea with buffalo milk. Once she returned home, she found herself trying to recreate the taste of the tea with cow milk. Her efforts proved to be unsuccessful.

This need for buffalo milk took her on a decade-long hunt throughout farms in the United States. By that point she’d started joking that the only way she’d get this milk is if she got her own buffalo. And during December 2017, she did just that. Goldie, a buffalo from a farm in New Jersey, found her new home on rural land in Northeast Florida. The following spring Goldie gave birth to her first calf, and soon after another baby was born. This time it was Patel’s micro dairy business: Backyard Buffalo.

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