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RAM Maker Recognition

Have you ever wondered who's behind that homemade necklace you bought? Or who grew those ripe tomatoes you purchased?

In an effort to connect RAM visitors to vendors, here we like to highlight specific RAM makers who make each Saturday particularly special:

2020 RAM Maker of the Year

Noel Michael of "Bello Boopie" was recently awarded the RAM Maker of the Year. Noel's contributions include:

    • Assisting RAM Staff as an Administrator on the RAM Online Market


    • Mentoring new artists at RAM and setting them up for success


    • Always creating new products and keeping his content fresh


    • One of the first to arrive and assist others in set up and one of the last to leave


Please visit Noel and Bello Boopie at RAM, or take a look at his website: BelloBoopie.com

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