Founded in 1974, RAP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit with the mission to preserve, advocate, and celebrate the historic neighborhoods of Riverside and Avondale in Jacksonville, FL. 

  • Full-time
  • Salaried
  • Reports to: Executive Director
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 After 50 years of citizen-led community stewardship, empowerment, and advocacy, Riverside Avondale Preservation is expanding its existing staff to include a Creative Placemaking Specialist. This position seeks to preserve, maintain, and enhance public places in the historic district through collaboratively working with the community. This role will improve parks, commercial and residential properties, and public areas through community supported initiatives, events, and project implementation. Uplifting art, culture, and history are driving factors in all we do. This role will work to enhance the natural environment and encourage biodiversity throughout the district. An appreciation for historic preservation and an understanding of zoning are fundamental elements of this organization. Riverside Avondale Preservation (RAP) hosts the weekly Riverside Arts Market (RAM). The Creative Placemaking Specialist will work directly with the Executive Director and is supported by the Creative Placemaking Committee, comprised of RAP Board Members and community members with passion and expertise on the topic. 

All RAP and RAM staff are responsible for ensuring that our programs are inclusive and welcoming to all backgrounds including race, economic status, gender, sexuality, abilities, or any other factor that makes our community members unique. Expanding on these principles is the job of each employee and is considered an essential part of the position. 



Community Engagement & Stewardship

  • Work with the RAP Creative Placemaking Committee on executing priorities and goals as defined through our annual Committee Charter
  • Coordinate key community stakeholders, business leaders, and experts that are critical voices in planning, collaboration, and execution of any projects; identify additional stakeholders to build new relationships and expand our outreach
  • Engage community members in a way that is inclusive and inviting, welcoming to all, driven and supported by residents
  • Follow the stewardship model of placemaking, respecting and taking care of public spaces. Transformative work to improve parks and spaces is the goal of this position.  

Event Planning & Execution

  • Develop and implement activities that activate the incredible public spaces in the Riverside Avondale neighborhood that create a sense of place
  • Events will focus on the public spaces we manage including the Riverside Avondale Community Garden, John Gorrie Dog Park, Riverside Arts Market as well as all public spaces throughout the historic district
  • Execute the Riverside Avondale Music Tour focusing on sites and stories in our neighborhood that continue to shape music today
  • Develop unique fundraising initiatives that work to maintain and improve public spaces, fund public art, and create experiences that tell the history of what was before and what is to come. Utilize crowdfunding for special projects and initiatives.
  • Work with community partners and small businesses to strengthen one another for holistic community improvement.


  • Public art initiatives include murals, sculptures, painted crosswalks, entrance monuments, music, theatre, and more. This position will create a public engagement platform to hire, work with, and fund public art projects. Permitting, long-term maintenance, public engagement, and project management are all required skills. 
  • Execute a Request for Proposal process to solicit public art concepts and ideas
  • Execute a citizen-led process to engage stakeholders for input on site-specific projects
  • Work with the Riverside Avondale Cultural Trail committee on program management goals, storytelling, content development, and administrative support


  • Proven ability to work with a group to develop goals, strategies, and outcomes for enhancing art, culture, and/or preservation of public and private spaces. Committee leadership and facilitation experience preferred. 
  • Experience creating & executing events, obtaining permits, creating budgets
  • Experience with a RFP process for public art, working with artists, art in public places
  • Direct experience executing a community led process to enhance a public or private space with the final project budget of over $25k
  • Fundraising and/or reporting experience
  • Previous work and/or understanding of interactive visual apps or technology, crowdsourcing fundraising, videos, storytelling
  • An individual who is invested in their community and understands the importance of supporting local and small businesses
  • Preference for someone who loves history, architecture, resilient cities, and art


Benefits include a robust holiday calendar and two-weeks paid vacation to start. Schedule is flexible and work from home options are available as needed. Travel is minimal. Monthly staff outings to tour, learn, and explore more about the historic district are a part of the office culture. 

RAP operates a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) which allows for direct payouts of qualified expenses up to $3,000 per year as well as a 403 (b) retirement account with a 3% annual match. Laptop provided. Salary range is $50-$55k per year, depending on experience. 

This position will receive travel and financial assistance to attend a global Placemaking conference in Maryland in June 2024 with a network of Placemaking leaders from Jacksonville, Florida. Professional Development education & leadership is a vital part of this position. 

RAP will not discriminate against any individual with respect to compensation, terms, conditions or privileges of employment because of the person's race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or marital status.


Email a cover letter and resume to before December 11, 2023. Start date flexible with a goal of January 2024.