Bryan Collins

Bryan Collins is a full-time artist and author living in Saint Augustine, Florida. His work has been featured by Juxtapoz, Game Informer, Flash Magazine, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Fran Drescher, Jarvis Rockwell, and more. Theo Crane from The Walking Dead wore one of Bryan’s art shirts on his IMDB page as well. Bryan cherishes a good cup of coffee, a beautiful roll of sushi, and a smoking hot campfire. He’s a kayaker, fisherman, and RC plane novice, loves motorcycles and cars (classics and custom tuners), and sneaks in time whenever he can to game on Playstation. He worked in military intelligence for the US Air Force before becoming a tattoo artist, and then toured in an alternative-rock band (Jeremiahs’ Grotto). He’s traveled to forty-nine of the fifty states, plus four additional countries, including a mission trip to help build a school in Haiti. His art and books are owned and appreciated around the world.