BijuBee Jewelry

BijuBee is truly a labor of love. We are a husband and wife team working together to create beautiful, lasting jewelry you won’t want to take off. My husband Richard comes from a family of jewelers and I come from a family of creators, so after a few years of daydreaming about doing what we love and becoming self sustainable, we decided to make this our sole focus and infuse ourselves and our skills in a new direction.
We work in a small studio in our home, where we often take turns entertaining and loving on our three children as we find a balance between work and play. We believe this path has been given to us for a reason, and we put our heart and soul into each and every piece we create. It brings us utter joy to work with our hands, manipulate  metal, and use fire – the life force, to sculpt and give meaning to something that did not have it to begin with. Simplicity is the essence of our style. We are dedicated to grow in our craftsmanship and vision, and to continue creating and passing onto others the joy and love that is deeply rooted in our work!