Simply Scented

For some people, the term mom-and-pop shop may conjure up a specific image: the neighborhood couple who has been in one tiny storefront for decades, maybe even generations. As retail chains become increasingly more accessible in most neighborhoods, it may feel like mom-and-pop shops are part of a bygone era. But what if they never actually went away? What if they just look a little different?

Despite not having a physical storefront, Simply Scented Candles owners and Amy and Fabrice couldn’t embody mom-and-pop more if they tried. What started as a passion project is now a full-blown family business – and the sole source of income for their family of five.

For Amy, candle making was a hobby she took up in her spare time. Although she’d been buying candles from big-box stores for years, she found herself wanting a better, natural product that also smelled great. This took her on over a yearlong journey filled with trials and errors. The result: a candle that’s made with 100 percent soy wax, a blend of pure essential and phthalate (chemical)-free oils, and metal-free, natural cotton wicks. They’re also vegan and safe to use as a massage oil or skin moisturizer.

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