Little Black Box Baked Goods

Crystal Israel, owner and founder of Little Black Box Baked Goods, jokes that she traded in the 50-hour work week of corporate grind to embrace the 15-hour days that entrepreneurial life affords. While the joke isn’t entirely untrue, Little Black Box had humble beginnings. After moving back home to Jacksonville Crystal began selling small batch baked goods at local events for the fun of it.

As her baking skills continued to advance Crystal ran into an issue: fillings for her baked goods that weren’t full of chemicals were almost impossible to find. Instead of settling for what was available, Crystal decided to focus all her energy into making handcrafted, fruit-forward jams and never looked back.

From just one look at Little Black Box’s product list, you’ll know this is certainly not the Smucker’s you grew up on. In place of the high fructose corn syrup are interesting flavor profiles, with a mix of both sweet and savory options. Blackberry Bourbon Vanilla to Banana Rum Lime and everything in between, there is a Little Black Box jam for virtually every palate. The goodness doesn’t stop with the jams. Each Little Black Box baked item honors traditional, tried-and-true recipes, such as chocolate chip cookies and pecan pie. Crystal even incorporates family recipes into the variety of baked goods that are offered, like her mom’s coconut custard pie.

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